Friday, June 8, 2007


Well... in summation today was a long walk down. Or at least that is what Professor Gyug would have us believe. But in reality, the Camino definition of down is constant ups and downs followed by one monumental down for five very steep kilometers. Bravely maning ahead Liz and Victoria, the injured parties, cabbed in and faced the language barrier. Roughly recreated in English the conversation went: we need rooms for 14. you have six bags so by 14 you must mean 6. no we need rooms for 14. oooohhh 6.

The town itself was small. Small and friendly. But mostly, just small. As such the Fordham group, as we have come to be known, frequented one bar repeatedly. Shaded by the awning (a land mark considering the size of the town) at said bar we were well fed and well placed to socialize amongst our newly formed Camino friends. Then it was off to bed. An utter reversal of expectations as the girls fought for once to be in the albergue instead of the hotel.

Bueno Camino! Sasha and Victoria.

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John Carey said...

It sounds like great fun, if a little pain too. I did your journey 30 years ago, but not as grounded as you. I still remember it and I'll bet each of you will 30 years from now. I went just after Franco died and the 'old' Espana was very much alive...widows were black for the rest of their lives, women walked home with live rabbits from the market and police were everywhere. I remember the food, the local wines and the cathedral at Santiago.