Friday, June 8, 2007


Well. En route today we passed our 200th kilometer point, saw many of the horreos (grain silos that look like masoleums), and crossed the river into Portomarin. The town is our lowest point. But higher than it once was as the whole town was up and moved so Franco could flood in a reservoir at the old location.

We all meet up for lunch then got together in the evening at the church of San Nicolas. If Gyug ever asks you... its Romanesque. Unlike some of the other churches we visited this one is famous for the building itself. There is no famous altar or grail inside (just a very pretty fresco).

Back outside in the sun the girls wandered about and the boys bet on football (soccer). Litchenstein lost but its takers won! When we all get home you may not want to mention this, as it will probably still be a sore subject. Instead ask if we enjoyed the famous orujo cider.

--Sasha and Victoria.

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