Tuesday, June 12, 2007


After a 30km + walk from Melide on a hot Spanish summer day, we arrived at the little town of Rua. Upon arrival, Dr. Gyug went searching for our hostel for the evening. He was a little distraught because he thought we´d gone too far, according to his original estimation of where the hostel would be. However, suprisingly, the hostel was quite nice, a sort of diamond in the rough, because it turned out to be a ¨country club style¨ of accomodations. (Or at least that´s what everybody referred to it as.)

The next highlight of the day was at lunch, during which Dr. Gyug regaled us with a method of revenge for getting back at the high and mighty cyclists of the camino. The method entailed loosening key spokes on the bicycle wheels that would weaken the wheels just enough that after 3km the bikes would collapse underneath the cyclists. He claimed to never have done it -- but he never claimed not to have wanted to.

Later in the evening we played mafia with Dr. Gyug, who was quite wily in shifting attention from himself to innocent players. We also played one or two rounds of the card game B.S. (There was a quite a bit of lying tonight. ) Some of us capped off the night with a little fĂștbol, Real Madrid´s final game of the season, versus Zaragosa, on the hostel´s big-screen TV.

-- Connor, dictating to Paul, who types LIKE A MACHINE

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